Local 881 mourns the loss of Labor Leader and friend — Ed Smith

Edward M. Smith

Edward M. Smith, Chairman/CEO of Ullico and champion of
workers passed away on January 3, 2024. Ed may have lost his battle with leukemia, but his fight on behalf of Unions and workers will leave a powerful legacy in the American Labor Movement and beyond.

“Without unions, who speaks for workers in this country? Let me tell you —nobody! No one! They know if they can get rid of the unions, workers don’t have a voice.”
— Edward M. Smith

Although Ed was not a member of Local 881, his leadership and partnership has helped to protect our Union for years. He was both a friend to our Officers and a fierce advocate for our members. Ed lived the values and mission of Ullico, the Union Labor Life Insurance Company, spending his career working to help provide financial security to working men and women and their families.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Ed’s family and friends. Read more about Ed Smith’s life and legacy.