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Laws that help workers only go so far. Minimum wage, worker’s comp, overtime, and OSHA provide just the bare minimum of worker protections. For non-union workers, the bare minimum becomes a ceiling – employers don’t typically offer much beyond what the law requires of them. On the other hand, what sets Union workers apart, the bare minimum is only the beginning – there are always opportunities to bargain for rights and benefits above the bare minimum set by the law.

Being a part of the Local 881 Union provides our members a stronger voice, more protections, and helps improve their workplaces.

There’s a stereotype out there that union members are all older men who work in manufacturing or factories. This is partly because of the dated way the “working class” is often depicted in entertainment or the media. But the reality of who can join Union these days is as diverse as the workforce itself. Today, Local 881 members work in grocery stores, pharmacies, offices, health care, food production, retail, and customer service. They even sell cannabis!

Ready to Start a Union at Your Workplace?

We can help you! No matter your questions, we’re here to answer them and serve you. No experience with unions? No problem. If you and your coworkers decide your job would be better with a union, we are here to back you up!

One of the most important benefits of coming together with your coworkers to form a union is gaining the clarity and security of a union contract. Having a Union contract means knowing exactly what is expected of you at work, and what you can expect from your employer in return.

Talk with a Local 881 Organizer

Local 881 organizers bring knowledge and experience to help guide workers through the process of joining and a Union.  Local 881 organizers will listen to your concerns and advise about next steps.


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Are you and your coworkers ready to negotiate together for better wages, good benefits, respect on the job, and a better life? If you are, sign the Local 881 Union Card today!