Tentative Agreement for Jewel Members to be Mailed Soon!

After thorough and careful review, Local 881 has sent the Tentative Agreement Offer for your Union contract to be printed and mailed.

We anticipate voting ballots to be in member mailboxes by mid-August.

Every eligible Jewel member will be mailed the document and have the opportunity to consider the Tentative Agreement Offer and then cast a vote. The members alone will decide the outcome.

Why does the process take so long?

We know you are eager to review the proposed wage increases and improvements. We believe this is a process that should never be rushed! Your Local Union is committed to making sure the voting process is administered in the most efficient, democratic, and equitable manner possible.

The contract is a legal and binding document where each and every word matters. The current Jewel contract has more than 30,000 words and over 1,000 unique wage increments. Even a small mistake can have huge consequences. The preparation of these complex voting documents absolutely has to be correct and that takes time.

I heard we are getting…

Rumors can spread like wild fire. Don’t make a decision based on information that may be false or inaccurate. Wait to see the Tentative Agreement and read for yourself. Then cast your vote!

Should you have any questions we continue to be at your service and invite you to contact your Union Representative at 847-294-5064 to discuss any concerns you have.