Local 881 Member Honored for Saving a Baby!

In the city of Alton, May 5th is now known as “Ben Mazur Day.”

Last month, Ben, a Local 881 clerk from Schnucks in Alton sprang into action to stop a runaway cart with a baby inside as it raced across the busy parking lot. During his shift, which included collecting carts in the parking lot, Ben noticed a cart rolling down the hill with an unattended toddler inside. The cart had gotten away from the child’s mother who was distracted trying to get her other children in the car. Ben’s awareness and quick response kept the child safe and out of harm’s way.

Ben who is on the Autism spectrum, is an adored employee at Schnucks through Challenge Unlimited, a program that helps people with disabilities find employment in the community. In addition to his work at Schnucks, Ben is also enrolled at Lewis & Clark Community College.

Mayor Brant Walker surprised the 24-year-old with a proclamation declaring May 5th as Ben Mazur Day. It was a special way for Ben’s family, co-workers, community members, and coaches from Challenge Unlimited to celebrate his great act of heroism and bravery. What made it even better is that May 5th also happens to be Ben’s birthday!

“People think I’m their Superman,” Mazur said. “I am just honored to have saved that baby.”

Good work, Ben!