Ongoing Mariano’s / Kroger Payroll Issue: Dues Deduction Error

For over a year, payroll glitches and errors have been a constant issue at Kroger and Mariano’s. Payroll system mistakes have been made at the corporate level, impacting nearly all 500,000 employees nationwide, including management.

Unfortunately, this week Local 881 members at Kroger and Mariano’s stores noticed another error on their May 31st paystubs. This time, Union Dues were not deducted. The company has informed us that this error will be corrected on the next pay stub (June 6th).

As a reminder, the Union does not have any control over your employer’s payroll system. However, when and if there is a payroll error, the Union is committed to holding the company accountable. Whether it’s a wrong deduction or missing wages, the Union will fight to make sure the issue is resolved. We firmly believe you work hard for your paycheck, and you deserve it to be calculated and paid out correctly.  

The Union filed and won hundreds of grievances in response to these previous payroll issues at Kroger and Mariano’s. Local 881 was successful in resolving issues with member payroll including:

    • Not receiving paychecks
    • Paychecks with incorrect wages
    • Not receiving contractual wage increases
    • Unlawful deduction of overpayments
    • Missing contractual holiday pay, and
    • Union dues being deducted incorrectly

As a reminder, the best way to protect your wages is to monitor every paycheck closely! If you ever suspect a payroll issue or have a concern, call your Union Representative immediately!