Local 881 Fights For You!

Frankfort Mariano’s members participate in the contract ratification vote.

These last few months your Local Union has been focused on collective bargaining for many new contracts. It cannot be overstated how critical this round of negotiations was. Over 86% of our membership was impacted by this negotiation cycle. Contracts ratified in the last quarter of 2022 included:

    • Jewel Foods (October 2022)
    • Mariano’s (October 2022)
    • Schnucks Clerks and Meat Deli Seafood (October 2022)
    • Dierbergs Clerks and Meat Deli Seafood (October 2022)
    • IBEW 21 (October 2022) and IBEW 15 (September 2022)
    • Schnuck Markets Centralia (September 2022)
    • Conagra St. Elmo (September 2022)

Negotiating a contract is never a slam dunk. There are no guarantees when you sit across the table from corporations whose only goal is to increase their bottom lines. The threat of takeaways to what we’ve already fought for is very real, but our Union has NEVER WAVERED in the mission of advocating and fighting for the hardworking members of Local 881. You might not love or agree with everything we do, but we have demonstrated over and over again that we will always have your back!

How Does the Union Fight?

Strength in Numbers

An individual employee trying to negotiate for better wages alone facing off against a powerful corporation doesn’t stand a chance. When we stand together, Local 881 can protect and improve your working conditions.

Better Wages

Increases for longest serving members: Local 881 is proud to have members with decades of service! It was a major priority to make sure that those who built the companies get rewarded for their dedication. Unions fight for job security and demand respect for seniority.

Minimum wage: Local 881’s fight for better wages also occurs outside of contract negotiations. For the past decade, Local 881 has lobbied lawmakers to demand that the incredibly low, and long-stagnated minimum wage rate be increased. Local 881 led the Labor Movement’s charge on this issue.

Fixing the system: Many of the new contracts improved wage rates for special classifications, or as in the case of Mariano’s, completely restructured the way increases would be distributed.

Better Benefits:

Besides wage increases, the contracts also kept benefit costs low, shortened wait times for eligibility, and provided new healthcare procedures in the plan.

No Takeaways

During contract negotiations concessions are always a threat. Local 881 fights to make sure nothing we have won gets stripped away.

The Union Holds the Company Accountable

Companies don’t always follow the rules. Local 881 provides protection to our members with a legally binding contract that clearly spells out what your employer can and cannot do. If your employer, whether by ignorance or intentionally, violates the contract and mismanages your pay, classification, hours, or other benefits, Local 881 can fight on your behalf to fix the situation. The grievance procedure is a powerful tool the Union uses to keep the Company in check.

Why Does the Union Fight?

Local 881 believes your hard work deserves dignity and respect. Without collective bargaining and a Union that has your back, working people have no real voice as to wages, benefits, or workplace safety. If the Union doesn’t fight, greed wins, and everyone suffers.

Why Should You Fight?

History teaches that a Union is only as strong as the activism of its members. Without you, there is no Union. Without Local 881, who will fight to protect your rights? Your willingness to stand with Local 881 is the difference between preserving your rights and losing your rights.

When we stand together, much can be
accomplished! In the coming year, come to a meeting, get involved, speak with your Union Officers or your Union Representative. Your passion, activism, and involvement will only make Local 881 stronger!

Should you have any questions we continue to be at your service and invite you to contact your Union Representative at 847-294-5064 to discuss any concerns you have.