Labor Day Is About You Having A Voice

Utilize Your Union This Labor Day To Fight for Your Rights!

Labor Day celebrates the strength, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication of people who are often overlooked: workers! As proud Union members we know Labor Day is more than just about a barbeque. The holiday is dedicated to the voice we are given by the right to unionize so we can fight for our rights in the workplace. Labor Day is about the rights of workers and the power we have when we stand together!

We asked Local 881 UFCW Union Representative Markeisha Marshall about the importance of Labor Day. 

She explains how Labor Day is important for Unions because we need to “celebrate all the positive changes that have occurred in the workforce while also honoring our members.” Members should know that “their hard work is valuable, and their voice deserves to be heard.” Finally, we asked Markeisha what members should know about their Union. She responded, “Local 881 values our members and we do not hesitate to speak on their behalf to ensure our members have a voice in the workplace.”

The Union is Here for YOU

Local 881 believes the work you do matters. Local 881 Union Representatives are here to work for you, the workers, NOT your employers. We listen to your concerns, fight grievances, and help advocate for you!

Our Union staff extends past the Union Representatives who you see on a regular basis.

·         Local 881’s Political Team helps to advance worker-friendly legislation and support elected leaders who fight for the concerns of our members.

·         Local 881’s Organizing Team helps to grow our Union’s numbers by engaging new members.

·         Local 881’s Collective Bargaining Team are fighting to improve our Union Contracts.

·         The Local 881 Membership Service Center is available to answer all your dues and membership status related questions.

·         The Local 881 Communications Team is working to improve your access to current and useful information, updates, and education.

·         The Local 881 Accounting Team is working to ensure our Union is fiscally responsible and meets all of our fiduciary obligations. And, finally,

·         The Local 881 Leadership Team is responsible for all activities of our Local Union and setting the vision and priorities for our Union’s future.

Please know that this entire Local Union staff stands with you and exists to fight for YOUR rights! The entire Local 881 Staff is committed to ensuring that your voices are heard in the workplace!

What You Can Do

As a Local 881 Union member, you have a voice in the workplace—and we want you to take advantage of it! Open your Union contracts! Read carefully, ask questions, and understand your rights and benefits. Local 881 works hard to ensure that we negotiate the best contracts possible for our members. Please take a moment to see the result of your voices and our hard work.

Come to a Local or Area meeting (insert what page that will be available on) to meet with your leadership. Read your mail, keep aware of upcoming contract negotiations, and make your voice heard during ratification. Talk with your Union Representative to Vote in upcoming elections. Get connected, visit often or follow us on our social media accounts to stay informed and updated. Tell your coworkers and family about why you are a proud Local 881 member. These are just a few ways in which you can become an active Local 881 member.

This Labor Day, remember what the true meaning of the day is—honoring workers. The continuing fight for worker’s rights belongs to all of us. It is imperative, now more than ever, for us to stand up for our rights and fight for what we believe in. Being an active and engaged Union member is one of the best ways to truly honor Labor Day.