La Colombe Baristas Want a Voice in their Workplace!

Workers at four of the La Colombe locations in Chicago have recently voted UNANIMOUSLY to join Local 881.

La Colombe Baristas at Andersonville

Workers from La Colombe cafés around the country are organizing with the UFCW to gain Union Representation.

Representation elections were facilitated by the National Relations Board and held at the following La Colombe locations: Gold Coast on Jan 23, Armitage on Jan 30, Andersonville on Jan 31, and the West Loop on Feb 7. In addition, a café in Washington, DC voted in January to join UFCW Local 400.

The baristas are unionizing to improve working conditions. They are proud of what they do — they love making coffee and creating an atmosphere that customers enjoy. They believe their work deserves respect and they know that the best way to get that is with a Union.

La Colombe baristas are fighting for a Union contract that guarantees regular schedules and hours, better wages with consistent raises, adequate staffing, clear discipline policies, and grievance procedures.

“I want to be a part of Local 881 so that my coworkers and I can have a say in our workplace. I would always prefer to work where conditions have been negotiated by workers instead of decided for us by the company!”
– Daniel, La Colombe West Loop | Chicago, IL

La Colombe baristas at West Loop

If you know of worker who is ready to fight for better treatment at their workplace, have them contact a Local 881 Union Organizer to learn more about how the Union can help.

Contact: Teresa Ramirez-Gonzalez, Local 881 Director of Organizing
[email protected] | 630-254-3090

La Colombe baristas at Gold Coast
La Colombe baristas at Armitage