Facebook Has Placed the 881 Page Under Review

Currently, Local 881’s Facebook Page has been disabled by the platform. On October 3, Local 881 UFCW received the following notification directly from Facebook:

We have taken steps to appeal this action. At this time, the page is under review by Facebook Community Standards team. We are awaiting their decision.

The removal of the page was NOT a choice or decision made by Local 881. In the last few weeks, Local 881 has welcomed the recent comments and increased activity on the Facebook page, as it is a direct reflection of member engagement during these very important contract negotiations. We want Local 881 members to be active and participate in all available capacities, including Facebook. 

We do not actively block users or delete comments, even if they are unfriendly towards the Union. Anyone can post on social media including those with anti-Union views, former Local 881 members, or non-members with an alternate agenda. We understand that Facebook allows users to vent and express their personal views, but unfortunately, not all Facebook user names are legal names, therefore we are not always able to verify whether comments are being made by a current dues-paying members. Our first priority is always to provide service to Local 881 members. Instead of engaging in online debate with potential non-members, we review comments for potential issues with verifiable members and attempt to follow up with those members personally.

We hope that Facebook will restore the Local 881 page, and if possible will continue using it to post updates in the future. In the short term we will post updates on our website and Instagram. 

Please contact your Union Representative if you have any questions.