Celebrating Our 25 Year Members

by Steve Powell, President, Local 881 and UFCW International Vice President

For the past 18 years, we have made a point to recognize those with 25 years or more of Union membership with Local 881. Whether you have been a member for five days or 50 years, Local 881 is proud to serve you and thanks you for your dedication and support. As I said at each of the celebration events, I firmly believe that those with 25 years or more of service in Local 881’s membership are the ones who have built the companies and made them what they are today. We also believe that the lessons of the past help us build a strong foundation for the future. 

Members shared how they look forward to these luncheons every year because they can see friends that they haven’t seen for years. A highlight of the event was member Robert Folz from Jewel 805 (#0127) – Dyer, IN, who kept his original letter of acceptance for his part-time job at Jewel; he celebrated 60 years with us this year! He was hired in the 1960’s, and he shared how much everything has changed throughout the years. He greatly values the Union for its service and protection, and credits Local 881 with helping to protect him and his fellow members no matter the number of years of service. 

Robert Folz from Jewel 805 (#0127) – Dyer, IN and his original letter of acceptance for a position at Jewel.

On April 29 and 30, 2024, Local 881 honored members with 25 years or more of Union membership with luncheons in Elk Grove Village and Hickory Hills, Illinois. Earlier in April, we held similar celebrations for our members in Central and Southern Illinois. All combined, over 800 members came together for a delicious meal and to reminisce with coworkers. This year, in total, over 3,200 members were eligible to attend the anniversary celebrations! That represents over 10% of our total membership. 

At the celebrations, in addition to a great meal, members received a special Union button that reflected their years of membership and had the opportunity to win some fabulous door prizes. Year after year, these events continue to be very popular with Local 881 members. We look forward to welcoming more members to these events in the future.

To see all the photos from each of the anniversary events, and to view pictures from previous years, visit and like the Local 881 Facebook page at facebook.com/Local881UFCW

As always, it is an honor and our great privilege to represent you. We encourage you to take advantage of all that the Union has to offer you.